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The Mission Of The Diabetes Team At Orange Grove Clinic On The Simply Beautiful Island Of St Lucia

To raise awareness about diabetes and prediabetes.

To help with self-management of diabetes to prevent further medical complications .

To improve the quality of life for all people who have, or are at risk from diabetes.

Diabetes Care In St Lucia

From our original medical interests in ophthalmology, for over thirty years , and an increasing awareness of the numerous health and wellness problems associated with uncontrolled diabetes, it was a natural progression to open a comprehensive Diabetic Clinic at Orange Grove .

The Team at Orange Grove decided to provide accessible knowledge and support for those in our community, who have diabetes, or those who care for someone with diabetes.

Through empowering our patients towards self-management, our goal is to prevent complications as a result of diabetes, and contribute to improving the overall health of our local population.

Meet Our Diabetes Doctor

Dr. Alisha Honore is a native of Dominica. After graduation in Medicine in Cuba, she furthered her studies in functional and lifestyle medicine.

 Her primary focus is on Diabetes Care, and adopting best lifestyle practices, including adequate physical activity, sleep and hydration, a balanced diet, stress transformation, self-care, emotional and mental healing, restoring balance in the body, all of which are essential elements of Lifestyle Medicine 

Preventative treatments and even reversals through holistic health and wellness modalities are a core philosophy . 

Building long term relationships with her patients is at the root of her medical practice 

As a Food for Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a Complete Health Improvement Program Instructor, Dr. Alisha educates on using Food as Medicine and Medicine as Food, showing others how best nutrition practices, be it mental, physically, emotional and others, affect the body.

Dr. Alisha has  completed  several post-graduate studies in Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and in Health Coaching.

She is Internationally Board-Certified in Lifestyle Medicine with The American College and the International Board for Lifestyle Medicine. She is also an International Master Certified Health Coach with subspecialities in Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Cancer Care, Mental Health and Emotional Eating, Autoimmune Disease, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Digestive, Natural and Hormonal Health.

Linking traditional and holistic medicine Dr Alisha is working on advanced Iridology, Naturopathy, Herbal & Natural Medicine with the Pure Health School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. 

And will shortly become a Certified Functional Medicine Provider with the Institute of Functional Medicine

Dr  Alisha’s concept works on prevention and getting to the root cause of Diabetes and it’s complications 

We are delighted to have Dr Alisha joining us at the Orange Grove Diabetes Clinic where she will be developing, with her Team, a full diagnostic and treatment in Diabetes programme for St Lucians and for Regional visitors .

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Welcome to The Diabetes Centre at Orange Grove 

Diabetes is a difficult disease, where a patient has to be mindful of his lifestyle and food choices. 

Welcome to The Diabetes Centre at Orange Grove 

To avoid the hassle of waiting for a doctor, going to a diagnostic centre, finding products and medicines in another place , sourcing holistic treatments and professional help for Diabetes Complications somewhere else .

……. at Orange Grove we try to take the stress out of diabetes care. 

We try to provide everything a person with diabetes might need, under one roof. 

From the latest equipment for diagnosis , to help from a nutrition expert, to seeing a podiatrist , an ophthalmologist, a dermatologist, and a hearing specialist. 

Plus a pharmacy on site , offering all diabetes prescription medications, a Centre for IV Nutrition Therapy , and an excellent choice of supplements and herbal products. 

Plus a range of holistic treatments , from ozone , to red light therapy , and infrared sauna .

.        “As a patient, you don’t have to keep going from pillar to post.”

We believe in early detection and prevention of diabetic complications, so there is no burden of expensive treatment later. 

So life is as easy and convenient as possible for every patient with diabetes to live a full productive life.